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Zoukei-Mura Super Wing Series 1/48 F-4E Phantom II (Late)

RM 360.00

The latest F-4 variant in Zoukei-Mura's Super Wing Series is the F-4E Phantom II 'late' version.

Here, 'late' version is a reference to the F-4E which has been retrofitted with the leading edge slats introduced by the Agile Eagle programme to improve the F-4 Phantom II's ability to maneuvre in dogfights.

This release of the F-4E, like the F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel V includes the reinforcement strap moulded on to the fuselage belly.

Other 'late' F-4E features included are the TISEO fairing and the ARN-101 DMAS related antennas.

Decals are provided for an F-4E of the 110 TFS / 131 TFW, Missouri Air National Guard with special markings commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the F-4 Phantom II's first flight.